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Icons are all around us, they speak to us, and yet we tend to take them for granted. But imagine what would happen if someone removed all the roadsigns overnight or a series of black squares suddenly replaced all the icons on your washing machine. Dreadful, eh?

Icons are so ingrained in our daily lives that we would be completely lost without them. Icons grant us easier, safer and more effective interaction with the environment and are a precious resource.

Indeed, icons are such a powerful communication tool that in the early 1980s a task force comprising engineers, anthropologists, nuclear…

You won’t be able to read this article from beginning to end without interruptions. Hard to believe? Well, whether it’s an email that will come through, a new browser tab you’ll open, or a meeting you’ll feel the urge to set up, research has shown that, on average, people spend as little as 1m and 15s on a single task before jumping to a different one. They’ll return to that very task later but, by then, the feeling of being “on top of it” will be gone. …


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